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Rust Control & Steel Treatment Specialists

Welcome to Mephalene Rust Control, one of WA's largest and well known provider of all surface treatment aspects.

Mephalene Rust Control specialises in the following aspects of asset protection

  • Abrasive SandBlasting to all levels and standards
  • Application of all industrial and protective coatings
  • Acid descaling "Pickling" of all carbon steel items
  • Acid descaling "Pickling" of all exotic metal items

As a family business orientated at providing service and quality of work no matter how large or small the project, you will find Mephalene Rust Control helpful with all your asset protection needs

Over the years, Mephalene Rust control has been part of some of the major projects and developments throughout Perth and Western Australia. Some of the projects include:

  • Subiaco Oval Redevelopment
  • Fremantle Maritime Museum
  • Boddington Gold Mine
  • Perth to Bunbury Highway
  • Roe Highway Extensions
  • CBH wheat belt infrastructure
  • Telfer Project
  • Ore Body 18
  • Ravensthorpe Nickel Project
  • Jimblebar Project
  • Newman Hub Project
  • Wellington Street Station
  • Raine Square

Mephalene Rust Control are proud to support the following Australian made rigging products:

Find out what we do!

  • rust control
  • abrasive blasting
  • chemical cleaning & pickling
  • protective coating
  • trating commercial
  • coating and steeling

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